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"I only share the food I personally eat" is what Ștefan, the head of the Moldovan family, often says. From the very beginning this has become the guideline for the high quality standard of our products. We work directly with Romanian farmers and supply our shops exclusively with carefully selected, fresh and clean cut meats. Furthermore, all of the over 160 meat specialties we offer are carefully and tastefully prepared in our own factories so as to satisfy any culinary preference. We would never sell anything we wouldn't eat ourselves.


Our butchers are ready to offer you exactly the meat you want. We offer pork, chicken, beef, black angus beef, as well as offal, so that we can accommodate the needs of any cook. Another product on offer is matured beef, which we obtain through a precise and carefully observed curing process so that it becomes tender, juicy and fragrant. We really love beef and we want to restore your confidence in this product.


Ready to Cook Meat

To help you when you're craving grilled meat, we have created a special range of marinated chicken and pork products. For the marinade we use an oil-water emulsion and a natural spice mix prepared by our specialists to give the meat a more refined taste.


Cold meats

We offer over 120 types of appetizing sausages, salami, smoked meat, ham, frankfurters, mici, dry-cured ham and other, all made in our butchery based on traditional recipes. We also make available the Moldovan range of products which includes cold meats prepared according to our own recipes.