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Moldovan Shops

Moldovan shops are designed to offer a special culinary experience, offering customers the opportunity not only to buy our products, but also to sit and enjoy dishes prepared by our specialized chefs. Our butchers and sellers take their work very seriously and are aware that their role is to build authentic relationships with customers in order to provide them with the best products and services.


The design of Moldovan shops is inspired by classic European butcher's shops and local tradition. Created by Cosmin Todor, a Cluj based designer, the interior is modern, contemporary, yet features elements that reinterpret the Transylvanian barns and doors of the old peasant farms. With a simple and functional wooden furniture, Moldovan shops are conceived in such a way as to keep the warmth of a family space.


Our network consists of 31 shops in Cluj county and 4 islands in the Mega Image supermarket chain. You can find them on the map.

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